Sizzling Hot Deluxe
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Sizzling Hot Deluxe 4 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.
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Sizzling Hot is another of Novomatic Games’ leading slot machines, and is a favourite among players looking to transfer their offline slot experiences to their own home. The slot perfectly recreates the experience of spinning in fruits and sevens for massive prizes across numerous win lines.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe

The familiarity of the slot is one of the major strong points of Sizzling Hot. It appeals to new and old players alike because it is almost exactly what any slot player would term a ‘traditional’ slot machine. From the symbols to the layout, everything is as it would be on the most common slots in casinos and bars around the world. In fact, this is specifically why Novomatic chose to develop an online version of Sizzling Hot. The barriers to entry are low; anyone who has even considered playing a slot machine will know the significance of the tried and tested fruits and sevens play style.

Every aspect of the slot is faithfully recreated from its offline origins. Players who prefer simpler, older style slots often consider the limitations of a land based machine. Features found in physical video slots are often simple due to the restrictions of the hardware, and the type of flashy animations and complex bonus rounds found elsewhere would not have been possible in a real casino. That is what makes Sizzling Hot so charming.

The first bonus feature that players will notice is the opportunity to gamble. Many Novomatic slots include this feature, but it fits well with the overall atmosphere of Sizzling Hot. It is a simple game, whereby the player has a 50/50 chance at doubling their money. The feature activates every time a winning spin appears on the reels, meaning that no matter how small or large the prize, it can be improved considerably. This improvement doesn’t end at doubling the prize though. Instead, players can continue to gamble indefinitely, risking the full prize amount each time, exactly as they would on the real thing.


While the gamble game is certainly a welcome bonus, it cannot be considered as the true bonus feature of Sizzling Hot. Instead, this feature is activated by the game’s scatter symbol, the star. This symbol deviates from the traditional line up of fruits and seven symbols, standing out in the way that a bonus symbol should. The star follows the same theory as scatter symbols in other slots. Three or more on any spin, in any position, activates the feature.

Another feature that draws inspiration from Sizzling Hot’s roots is the auto play feature. Even the most seasoned slot player would agree that when you plan to play for an extended period of time, manually spinning the reels continually can become somewhat tedious. That is where the ‘Autoplay’ button comes in. Rather than sitting and spinning, the player simply chooses his line stake and number of win lines, and the slot continues to utilise these figures on an on-going basis, only stopping when manually cancelled or when the player runs out of credits.

The biggest rewards are to be found on the progressive jackpot feature. Veteran players will remember the large boards displaying an ever increasing cash amount above the slots in a casino. The principle online is exactly the same. As players on linked machines spin, the total jackpot increases, whether the player wins or loses. As funds in the game are based on coins, the jackpot is too, with the minimum amount on offer always at least 10,000 coins. This flexibility in prize values means that every player, from the lowest stakes to the highest, have an equal shot at an amazing prize.

Whether players choose to play for real money or for practice funds, the prizes remain the same. Many players prefer to test their machine of choice before committing real cash, just so that they can get used to the gameplay, and even size up what they feel is an appropriate line bet on every spin.

There are few better choices than Sizzling Hot for that authentic casino experience. With the entire game based on a true land based classic, players who want to do exactly as they did before have the opportunity to play their favourite game from anywhere. This is particularly the case on Novomatic’s creations, as the slot is often offered with both a download and online version, enabling players to literally play from anywhere with an internet connection.

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